New & free eBook & webinar “Licensing Microsoft Server in a Virtual Environment” via Altaro

Hi everybody,

Altora recently published a new eBook and Webinar about Licensing Microsoft Server in virtual Environments. As I can say for now, nearly all of the upcommunig questions I heard so far from my customers and fellows are answered and so I would highly recommend to you.

You can find both, the book and the webinar, when you click here.


For all of you who want to try out Altaro Hyper-V Backup, Altaro offers a fulltime free licences that enables you to backup two VMs per Node. You can download the free edition by clicking on the banner below.


Windows Server 2012 OEM Licence Downgrade

Microsoft changed some OEM Licence policies with Windows Server 2012.

In the past it was possible to downgrade a OEM Licence from a newer Serverversion to an older one e.g. Windows Server 2008 to Windows Server 2003.

This is changed now. If want to downgrade your Server Licence you have to buy Microsoft licence contracts like Open, Academic or Volume Contract.

With this you have link in your Licence portal to order a Windows Server 2008 key and Installation Media.

Most of the Microsoft OEM (e.g. Dell or HP) will sale “downgrade Kits” beginning in Q1/Q2 2013. So if you buy a new server, you can buy such a kit. This “downgrade kits” are not the same like the downgrade that Microsoft offers with their licence contracs. It’s more like a new licence OEM to a much cheaper price.

In my opinion it will only be possible to buy this kits with new servers. So if you still have OEM licences from Windows Server 2012, you will not be able to buy the downgrade.


To learn more about the new contract restrictions please read the official Microsoft Licencing Documents.