How to group servers in Windows Server 2012 Server Manager

1. Open the Server Manager and Click on “Manage” and than select “Create Server Group”


2. The Wizzard starts and you see all the Servers you have in the Server Pool of this server. You are also able to select more servers via Active Directory, DNS entry or Importfile

3. Select the Systems you want to Group via doubleclick on the name in the left box or selection and clicking the arrow button in between the left and the right box. With shift+left click you can select more systems and move them via arrow button.


4. Enter a Server groupname for this Group in the Textfield on the top of the Wizzard. In this Demo I create a group of my DCs. Normaly you will group your servers e.g. via location (e.g. Berlin, Redmon, Round Rock …) or virtual/phyiscal, depending on your organisation structure. After you set the Group Name you can click “OK” and the group will be created.


5. To check if the group was created go back in Server Manager. On the left side you should see your groupname and when you click on the group you should see your selected servers in the overview.


6. To remove the created group, just klick right on the groupname and than “Delete Group”


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