How to setup Azure Backup with Synology Storage

Hello everybody,

today I want to show you how to setup a disk to cloud backup with the new cloud backup feature from synology storage. In my environment I use Azure as backup target.

Why do I use Azure?

I backup some of my important VMs to Azure as desaster recovery. So if my local systems fail I fire up the VMs in Azure.


1. You need to create a new Azure Storage were you store your data. From a security standpoint I would not suggest to use a storage shared with other Azure services you have.




2. After you created one you need to create a new management access key. We will need it later.


3. Now the needed preparations on Azure are done. Next Logon to your Synology and select the Backup & Replication Plugin.


4. Now you click create and select the backup typ you want.

File Backup – You can select Files and Folder you want to backup.

LUN Backup – Backups a complette LUN on Synology LUN on Azure



5. Now you select “Public Cloud Backup Destination”


6.  Now you select Backup to Azure


7. Now you enter your Azure Storage account data and create a new storage container


8. Now enter your container name you want to use



9. When everything went well it should look like on the picture below




10. In the next step you need to select the volume and share or LUN you want to backup




11. Here you can also select applications to backup. I won’t do that in my szenario.




12. In the last step you need to do transfer, backup and shedule settings.









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14 Responses to How to setup Azure Backup with Synology Storage

  1. Ethan Wilson says:

    Thank you, you saved me a huge headache

  2. Barbara says:

    Hi Flo, thanks for you sharing. I am a new user for cloud backup and I just choose Azure to backup my photos. I have set up a backup schedule every day at 00:00. I just have one question, will the backup in Azure overwrite the previous one? Or it will keep the backup every day?
    Because Azure is charged by usage, so if it keep every backup, then I need to pay a lot.

    • Flo says:


      it depends on your configuration. If you configured metadata backup you only should backup the changes and not he complete folder again.


  3. Emil says:


    I did the same configuration but I get error the file is to large to backup from the log file. Meanwhile the file file is just 450 gb. Is there anyway to correct this problem.

    • Flo says:


      do you really means “Gigabyte” or “Megabyte”. The maximum filesize per file on onedrive is 2gb and the consumption for all files is limited with you subscription.


  4. Joerg says:

    Thank your for sharing!

  5. petertan says:

    Hi There
    Could you advise what is the minimal bandwidth needed to backup Synology NAS data to Microsoft Azure Backup?

  6. Jamie Knowles says:

    Nice one! Very helpful 🙂

  7. emerald says:

    Hi, I am wondering if VPN setup is required between synology and azure or data is being backup via internet

  8. ludovic says:

    Backup and replication apps no longer existe … so no more solution to backup Lun in cloud…

  9. Matt says:

    HyperBackup appears to be the replacement for ‘Backup & Replication’. Been experimenting with this and it seems that there is an issue with the way this app functions…It seems that uploading backup data to an Azure blob is free of charge, but the way this app works, when clearing out old backups HUGE charges result because it’s using download bandwidth from the Azure blob…Wondering if there is a way around this?!

    • Flo says:

      Did you try to stop the backup and delete the files via Azure Storage Explorer manually? That wouldn’t result in any download.

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