Testing a Synology RS2414+ Part# 1 – Story and System

As some of you know, I currently build up small homelab for the Windows Server User Group Berlin and my studies.

What I miss so far is a good and keen storage system. After some research and talking with friends and coworkers, I decided to check out Synology.

So I asked Synology if they could lent me a system with four or more disk and Windows Server 2012 and R2 cluster support.

After a few days I got a mail from Synology Product Manager Phillip Rankers, who offered me to lent me a Synology RS2414+. So that gives me the opportunity to test it a few weeks.

Synology is no classic enterprise Storage vendor like Dell, HP, NetApp or EMC but they offer great NAS Systems. To learn more about Synology click here.

At first I want to tell you something about the techspecs of the system.

CPU Model Intel Atom
CPU Frequency Dual Core 2.13 GHz
System Memory 2 GB DDR3
Memory Module Pre-installed 2 GB X 1
Total Memory Slots 2
Memory Expandable up to 4 GB (2 GB X 2)
Drive Bay(s) 12
Max. Drive Bays with Expansion Unit 24
Compatible Drive Type
  • 3.5″ SATA(III) / SATA(II) HDD
  • 2.5″ SATA(III) / SATA(II) HDD
  • 2.5″ SATA(III) / SATA(II) SSD
Max. Internal Capacity 72 TB
External Ports
USB 2.0 Port 2
USB 3.0 Port 2
Expansion Port 1
File System
Internal Drives EXT4
External Drives
  • EXT4
  • EXT3
  • FAT
  • NTFS
  • HFS+
Size (Height X Width X Depth) 88 mm X 445 mm X 570 mm
Weight 12.2 kg <- I have this model
14.2 kg (for RP model) <- longer version
LAN Number (RJ45) Gigabit X 4
Link Aggregation
Wake on LAN/WAN
System Fan 80 mm X 80 mm X 4 pcs
Easy Replacement System Fan
Wireless Support (dongle)
Noise Level 40.5 dB(A)
42.2 dB(A) (for RP model)
Power Recovery
Scheduled Power On/Off
Power Supply Unit / Adapter 400W
2 X 400W (for RP model)
AC Input Power Voltage 100V to 240V AC
Power Frequency 50/60 HZ, Single Phase
Power Consumption 105W (Access)
43W (HDD Hibernation)
125W (Access, for RP model)
57W (HDD Hibernation, for RP model)
Redundant Power Supply (for RP model)
Warranty 3 Years

The price for that system without disks and expansion unit starts at around 1.500,00€. 

So on the first view, the system looks quit nice and is easy to understand. Synology staff shows an outstandig performance in customer handling and customer engagement.

I will keep you posted how my testing goes on.


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